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            LOLBaby Waterproof Pad is 100% handmade in Korea with 100% waterproof material that blocks out even a droplet. Comfort and Secure Sleeper with 100% cotton on the outside and does not irritate your baby's skin! Unlike other waterproof pads that is ruined after a couple washes, this pad doesn’t change over washes so you could use it for a long time.

            Size: 140 (L) x 100 (W) with (±3) cm
            (±3) cm refers to space allowance.

            3D Mesh protects your children's sleep. With superior cushions, it helps the spine and result in a very comfortable sleep. D MESH, 3D Conformation advanced material is superior than any other mat material. Say Bye Bye to ticks with this environment friendly German advanced cushion material.

            3D Mesh Mattress Medium: 100(L) x 80 (W) with Height (±3) cm
            3D Mesh Mattress Large: 150(L) x 100 (W) with Height (±3) cm
            3D Mesh Head Shaping Pillow: 34 (L) x 25 (W) with Height (±1) cm

            Hi Jell-o Cool Mat, a safe and certified cooling mattress for your little ones. Keeping them cool during summer, with added functionalities of skin soothing, waterproof, fever alleviation and mite prevention. 

            Medium: 60 x 80cm
            Large: 80 x 120cm
            Pillow: 50 x 24cm (available in cooling set)

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            Waterproof Mat - Big Moon


            Waterproof Mat - Big Star


            Waterproof Mat - Fox


            Waterproof Mat - Honey Bear


            Waterproof Mat - Rainy Cloud


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Dreamy Cloud


            3D Airflow Mesh Playmat - Cloud


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Sleepy Star

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