In light of the new restrictions, we will be limiting our showroom visit to 2 sessions a day and each time allowing 2 person allow excluding infants <2 years old. Please kindly arrange for showroom appointment at least 2 days in advance via email or call.

In order to keep our customers and delivery personal safe, we will only be delivering the orders till their doorstep.

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            Hi Jello-O Cooling Mat Header


            냉각 매트

            Korea Hi Jell-o Cooling Mat, stay cool even in summer, helps in soothing babies sensitive skin, prevent dust mites and fever alleviation. Multiple usage as a sleeping mat, waterproof pad, cooling mat and even adults are using cool mat during warm weather to keep their temperature down.

            Singapore First Cooling Mat! New breakthrough technology from Korea that enable the coolness to last even when sleeping upon for hours. -5 degree from the normal room temperature and maintaining an optimal temperature for sleeping!

            Hi Jell-o Cooling Mat (12)

            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Dreamy Cloud


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Sleepy Star


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Polar Bear Blue


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Dot Penguin


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Polar Bear Pink


            Hi Jell-O Cool Mat - Deep Space

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