LOLbaby Bumper Bed Warranty


LOLbaby guarantees 30 days of free service on merchandise with manufacturing defects. Please report any defects to your local LOLbaby store within 30 days of delivery.

After 30 days, any applicable delivery and service fees will be charged to you. Upon receiving a claim, we will work with you to determine the appropriate course of action which may include one or more of the following:

1) inspect damaged merchandise in your home
2) provide service in your home or our warehouse at our discretion
3) repair or replace the part or merchandise at our discretion.


This limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser of any LOLbaby Bumper Bed. All LOLbaby warranties, including any implied warranties, are valid only for the period of time the Bumper Bed is owned by the original purchaser of the Bumper Bed. The “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this Bumper Bed Warranty, is the first purchaser of the Bumper Bed from LOLbaby or a LOLbaby authorized retailer. Please retain a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase. All LOLbaby limited warranties are not transferable.

This limited Bumper Bed Warranty applies to the following Defects:

  • Any manufacturing defect in the mobile pole and zipper assembly of the Bumper Guards.
  • Any defects in material and workmanship.


This limited Bumper Bed Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, or stains; provided, that the defect is caused by such abuse or damage.
  • Replacement of any non-defective pieces in the LOLbaby Bumper Bed (for example, if you purchase a Bumper Bed with multiple components and only one component is defective, then we will only replace the defective component).
  • Any Bumper Bed (whether manufactured by LOLbaby or not) sold by resellers who are not authorized retailers.

Bumper Bed sold “as-is”, “preconditioned”, “reconditioned”, “used”, “comfort return”, “returned”, “previously owned”, or any other similar wording indicating that the Bumper Bed is not “new” or of “first quality”, or has previously been purchased or used by another consumer.

In the event of a Defect, LOLbaby’s sole and exclusive liability and your sole remedy under this limited Warranty will be, at LOLbaby’s option, to provide a repaired or replacement Bumper Bed or Bumper Guard, subject to your fulfillment of “Your Responsibilities” below. While we will work with you on the replacement, replacement Bumper Bed or Guard cover may be provided in a color or design different from the one you originally purchased.



In the event of a Defect and in order to get the benefit of this limited Warranty, you must return your Bumper Bed to LOLbaby together with the original packaging and provide LOLbaby with proof of the original date of purchase. Should shipping costs be required to return your Bumper Bed, you will not be responsible for those costs.

Replaced Bumper Bed is subject to the same limited Warranty as the original Bumper Bed. For example, if you obtain a replacement Bumper Bed that is the same style and price as the original Bumper Bed, then the warranty term of the replaced Bumper Bed begins from the date of purchase of the original Bumper Bed.


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