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LOL Co. established in 2016 has its business root in Lolbaby which was founded in 2007 as a company specialized in manufacturing baby bumper and LOL Co. now makes and sells baby beddings, clothes and general layettes.

At present, brand products of LOL are greatly recognized by women and men in twenties to forties who will soon become mother and father and baby care parents so attracts attention in layettes market.

One of the greatest reasons for attracting such attention is LOL has ‘All in One System’ through which company can perform product planning, manufacturing, production, advertisement and sales independently. Our goal is to understand the needs of baby and parents to provide the best product which meets the needs.

The background that can realize the purpose is that we have LOL baby’s own product/web designers, material experts, sales people in Korea and abroad as well as LOL baby’s own facilities which can backup their ideas. Also, LOL introduces sells and exports products of other companies as an agent of them and the companies are licensed /cooperative manufacturers which have competitiveness in layettes market.

Certifications & Patent obtained:

  • KC Self-Declaration of safety conformity
  • Product Patent
  • PE foam approved by SGS
  • Zipper performance report
  • Europe certificates for eco-friendly fiber


Lolbaby has nationwide distributors in Korea with major brick and mortar stores with notable like “Toy & Mum”, “Mom’s mom”, “Baby Park”, “Baby Plus” and “Twist Baby”. Lolbaby has also participated in numerous exhibitions to showcase our product range. With technology advancing and Gen Y parents, lolbaby has included Domestic and International online stores to spread our branding and serving more local and overseas consumers.

Toy & Mom Brick & Mortar Store.

Layettes Exhibition

Domestic Markets

Domestic Markets

International Markets

International Markets



  1. Safe guard ( Height: 55cm )
    0~5 years old child can use safely as the safety guard (bumper) is higher than the height of other products.

  2. Micro-fiber bumper bed manufactured in Korea for the first time
    We make micro-fiber fabric bumper bed for the first time in Korea considering dermatitis and respiratory disease by which children often affected.

  3. Credible interior material
    By applying PE foam which is certified for mattress and guard (bumper), the product has less deformation but has good elasticity.
  1. Not recycled cotton but high class cloud cotton
    Unlike other makers, we don’t use recycled cotton but use cloud cotton so product has excellent shock absorption and is much safer.
  1. Nontoxic zipper
    All zippers use nontoxic material considering children who have much curiosity on everything.
  1. Obtained certificates in Korea and foreign countries
    Certificate for detection of hazardous substances of Switzerland, certificate for detection of physicochemical substances of Switzerland, KC certificate of Korea

Product Information – LOL baby’s Ultra-Microfiber


 Ultra Microfiber Bumper BedMicrofiber


Ultra-microfiber is fabric which is woven by yarn of which thickness is less than 1/100 of hair. By minimizing the porosity when weave, dust and tick cannot pass through it while water and air can penetrate so the material blocks factors that cause dermatitis and allergy. Also, the fabric is very strong and flexible so it is widely used as material for underwear in which friction and movement of human body takes place much and its excellent water suction and discharging function makes it used for functional wear for sportsman who plays fierce sports like cycle, soccer, basketball etc. It improves friction noise which is disadvantage of microfiber bedding made by other makers so it provides you with more comfortable sleeping.




Official site: is serving Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia region.



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