A Parent’s Guide to the LOLBaby Bumper Bed

A Parent’s Guide to the LOLBaby Bumper Bed

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Why you should get your Baby a Lolbaby Folding Bumper Bed

As one of those parents, you are most aware of the fact that you only want what is best your baby. This is the main reason why we spend too much of our time, money and effort choosing the best baby products for them. One of the most important things you must purchase for your baby is the bedding types that will give them comfort and safety.


With the different bedding types that are made available on the market, it can be difficult choosing from among the beddings. There is no need to worry anymore as LOLBaby is here to give you the best bedding suited for your baby. We proudly offer our bumper bed that could give your baby the most exciting, most relaxing and safest experience at such a young age.


Your baby needs to be comfortable when they sleep. Neither dust nor insects should reach them. The lolbaby folding bumper bed comes in handy as it has bumpers that are too high for the baby and dust particles cannot pass through. When you want to have a family chat and stay with the baby until they sleep, the bed is very spacious. It saves you money as you do not have to buy another bed until your little one is aged 8.


Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose our LOLBaby bumper bed over other beddings available in the market:

  • Safe & Protection

Every parent wants their kids to be safe. The bumpers are what enhance safety as they are the highest in all the products of the bed. The zippers are of nontoxic material thus they are not harmful to the little ones. Our bumper bed have been proven and certified to be safe for your baby. 


There are many advantages of choosing this folding bumper bed for your little one. From protecting your baby against allergens and skin issues to their comfort, your baby will love bed times. If your little ones have respiratory and dermatitis issues, you do not need to worry when you buy Lolbaby bumper bed. It blocks dust and tick from passing through. It suctions water without issues.


  • High Quality Materials

Our bumpers are specifically designed from the best and quality materials, they also need to go through a thorough QA inspection before packaging. Excellent workmanship to ensure finest sewing in the bumper bed. The purpose is to ensure that our beddings will not be damaged easily.


This is also because of the fact that the materials are made of quality materials. Apart from that, your baby will enjoy it staying in this mat as it does not go through a wear and tear process.


  • Excellent Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is very important in a bed and in this bumper bed, it is excellent. To enhance this, the bed is made of high-class cloud cotton and not recycled cotton. This also boosts the safety of the baby.


  • Cost Effective

It is cost effective since it serves newborns up to the age of 8. No more buying beds after every one year.


  • Washing the Bumper Mat

With its strong and flexible fabric, washing the lolbaby bumper mat is easy since it’s washable by hand or machine. Neutral detergent works better, and it is not advisable to use bleach. Lightly squeeze when done with the washing.


  • The Size of the Lolbaby Bumper Bed

For the large size bumper bed, the matt thickness is 5cm, the bumper height is 55cm while its outer dimension is 120 x 170 cm. 

LOLBaby Bumper Bed Dimension


  • Highly Durable

Our bumper beds are also durable as compared to other bed types. This means to say that it will stand the test of time. This is especially when it is given with proper care and attention. Our bumper bed can still be used by your babies to come in the future.


So, what else are you waiting for? With the high quality features that our bumper beds at LOLBaby can offer, you are assures that these are all worth of your investment. We are also very confident that with our bumper bed, your baby can get the comfort and safety that he or she is deserved to have.


The time, money and effort you will have to spend in choosing us over others are all worth it. We will simply give you the best mat for your baby.



As a parent, you are more comfortable when your baby sleeps in comfort. A lolbaby bumper bed is as soft as silk which offers the best comfort. If you are a parent or a parent to be and you are looking for a comfortable bed for your little one, get this amazing lolbaby bed. Its durable and you will not have to buy a baby bed every year.



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