Mummy's Market Singapore Award - Best Bumper Bed

Mummy's Market Singapore Award - Best Bumper Bed

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We are happy to receive the best bumper bed award from mummy market. Voted, tested and approved by parents, for parents! These products are tried and tested by actual mummies whose verdicts help decide who deserves to be awarded!

  Mummy Market Award 2018 Best Bumper Bed

Loved and Tested by mums for Mummys Market Award 2018: 

Best Bumper Bed / Space Folder
LOLBaby Convertible Ultra Microfiber Bumper Bed (롤베이비 범퍼침대)

Cushy and soft, lolbaby's Convertible Microfiber Bumper Beds are rugged but easy to set up.

It's made of durable and easy to clean fabric, and the mattress and bumpers under the covers are completely waterproof as well.

Their bumpers are much taller than others, providing more safety for your child.

Unfolding the bumpers turns it into a playmat that baby can play on.


Korea LOLBaby Bumper Bed with Highest Safest Bumper Guard. New generation of Baby Cot, Crib, Playard, Playpen and Playmat. Bumper Bed comes in Microfiber and Cotton Fabric and in various designs.
Standard Package: 
Bumper bed + mobile pole

Bumper guard - Ultra Microfiber (outer cover)
Mattress – 100% Premium Cotton (outer cover)
Interior material - PE foam and high class cloud cotton

Note: Does not include the bedding and accessories. Separate purchase.

Features on Ultra Microfiber 
100% Made in Korea
Blocking tick and dust
Robust durability
Excellent water suction and drying
As soft as silk
Convenient and easy cleaning and care

More about Ultra-microfiber:
Ultra-microfiber is fabric which is woven by yarn of which thickness is less than 1/100 of hair. By minimizing the porosity when weave, dust and tick cannot pass through it while water and air can penetrate so the material blocks factors that cause dermatitis and allergy. Also, the fabric is very strong and flexible so it is widely used as material for underwear in which friction and movement of human body takes place much and its excellent water suction and discharging function makes it used for functional wear for sportsman who plays fierce sports like cycle, soccer, basketball etc.

It improves friction noise which is disadvantage of microfiber beddings made by other
makers so it provides you with more comfortable sleeping.


 microfiber bumper bed

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