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            3D Mesh Mat & Pillow

            3D MESH, 3D Conformation advanced material is superior than any other mat material. Say Bye Bye to ticks with this environment friendly German advanced cushion material.

            3D Mesh Mat available in:
            Medium: 100(L) x 80 (W) with Height (±3) cm
            Large: 150(L) x 100 (W) with Height (±3) cm

            3D Mesh Head Shaping Pillow available in:
            34 (L) x 25 (W) with Height (±1) cm

            3D Mesh protects your children's sleep. With superior cushions, it helps the spine and result in a very comfortable sleep.

            Greet yourself to a refreshing morning!

            3D Mesh Mat & Pillow (6)

            3D Airflow Mesh Playmat - Cloud


            3D Airflow Mesh Playmat - Fox


            3D Airflow Mesh Playmat - Moon


            3D Mesh Head Shaping Pillow - Big Stripe


            3D Mesh Head Shaping Pillow - Cloud Gray


            3D Mesh Head Shaping Pillow - Merci Bird

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