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Why quality playmat is important for your young ones

by LOLBaby Singaporeon October 13, 2017
Research by Korea Consumer Agency has found that the place where the newborn,
infant and child safety accidents occur most is the home.

On top of home accidents: crawling, standing, walking, increasing activity,
running and jumping will also exposed your newborn babies, infants, kids to
various collisions, impacts and shocks.

This is one of the reason why playmat is playing an important role especially in baby markets for keeping your young ones safe.

Huella is an established brand in Korea under the umbrella branding of LOL Co.
manufacturing quality and safe play mat. It owns the patent rights of using heat
technology to bind memory foam and PE foam together without usage of chemicals or adhesive.

Why memory foam is used in our playmat? This is because Memory Foam is
excellent in shock absorption and protection.

1. The material is commonly used in beds and mattresses.
2. Low elasticity and high density relieve various shocks and pressures.
3. Suitable for infants, babies and children exposed to various shocks.
4. Good cushion to protect children's back and spine.
5. Long term use with excellent resilience.

In today market, normal playmat are made of harden material causing back pain and does not neccessary protect your kids from forceful impact and shocks. Huella memory foam playmat however gives a less strain on the back of the baby and child. It also helps with proper body shape and growth. Moreover the memory foam is an excellent cushion to absorb impact and shocks.

Advantages of Huella memory foam playmat includes
1. Soft memory foam helps to absorbs shock to child's ankle.
2. Strong frictional force between memory foam and cover fabric, preventing playmat's cover from slipping.
3. Since the playmat does not slip, it greatly reduced noise from walking, jumping or playing activities.
4. Number 1 floor noise reduction rate playmats in the market.
5. No hazardous substance detected in strict inspection standards. From raw material to finished product, they have obtained certification from various professional institutes.