Huella Memory Foam Playmat

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Introduction to Huella Memory Foam Playmat

Lolbaby is pleased to include Huella memory foam playmat into our prestige class of products. Huella is an established brand in Korea under the umbrella branding of LOL Co.

Huella Memory Foam Playmat is 100% Made in Korea, is excellent in shock absorption and protection. An inter-layer noise proof playmat for your newborn, infants and toddlers.

Why Huella Memory Foam Play mat?

Research by Korea Consumer Agency has shown that the place where the newborn, infant and child safety accidents occur mostly at home and that attribute to a whopping 62.3% where the other 37.7% are related to others, day care center, play ground and educational facilities.

Home accidents can be resulted by crawling, standing, walking, increasing activity, running and last but not least jumping around. Newborn babies, infants and kids are always exposed to such risks involving various collisions, impacts and shocks. Why is this so? The reason is simple because all kids are adorable, curious and they like to explore and have fun in their own ways.

How Huella Memory Foam Play Mat can prevent accidents?

You can prevent home safety accident with our Huella Memory Foam playmat because of its memory foam shock-absorbing functionality. Huella playmat is plied together using Memory Foam and PE Foam, this is achievable only with Huella's patented Two Way ADension(TWAD) Foam Filler.

What is TWAD Filler (Patented)?

TWAD is a multi-layer filler for Huella, which has succeeded in bonding memory foam and PE foam with only 'Heat' without using any chemical glue or adhesive. With this technique, the play mat is not only safe for your children but also eco-friendly.

Why Huella uses Memory Foam for our playmat?

Memory Foam is excellent in shock-absorption and shock protection.

  1. The material commonly used in beds and mattress.
  2. Low elasticity and high density relieve various shocks and pressures.
  3. Suitable for infants, babies and children exposed to various shocks.
  4. Good cushion to protect children's back and spine.
  5. Long term use with excellent resilience.

Other Playmat vs Huella Playmat

Normal playmat are usually made of hard material causing back pain. Huella memory foam play mat gives a less strain on the back of the baby and child. It also helps with proper body shape and growth.

Huella Play Mat Comparison Review


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