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AMO Lamps

by LOLBaby Singaporeon June 22, 2017

AMOelectronics - AMO Lamp

A new generation lamp with one touch functionality to control the brightness and 6 step timer control. Combining convenient, safety and economical in one!

AMO Lamp provides new standard of lighting for infant care, breast feeding, sleeping, outdoor usage, etc. 

AMO Lamp that was designed conveniently and safely and that can be used economically is the professional functional lighting designed optimally for night time breast feeding, diaper change, temperature measurement, etc.

Made in Korea
AMO Lamps
  1. Illuminance control for eyesight protection and high efficient LED with color temperature of 3,000'k.
  2. Charging type LED light without risks of heating, electric shock or burn.
  3. Excellent durability by strong mechanical structure design.
  4. Safe and soft design without risk of injury due to no edge and protruded parts.
  5. Built-in various safety protection circuit (battery protection, over voltage cut-off and electrostatic shielding, etc)
  1. 4-step brightness control by one touch.
  2. Charge type LED lamp using universal USB port.
  3. Charge indicating lamp that informs charge requiring time. (breast feeding lamp for the first time)
  4. 6-step timer that enables you to set up to 1 hour in units of 10 minutes.
  5. High-sensitivity touch sensor for wide area.
Economic Feasibility
  1. It does not use dry battery and it cost minimally if use with electric.
  2. Semi-permanent LED without the need of replacement.
  3. Lithium polymer battery that secures long lasting life.
  4. It can be utilized as various uses such as night lamp, mood lamp, lamp for camping tent, baby lighting, playhouse lighting, etc.
  5. It can be used up to 120 hrs (5 days) according to brightness level with a full charge.
  6. Warranty of 1 year.


Why AMO Lamp?

AMOLamp is a specialized functional nursery light designed to be optimally used in situations, such as milk or breast feeding, diaper change, temperature measurement at night.

AMO Lamp from AMOelectronics